The best padel rackets for advanced players

The best padel rackets for advanced players

The best padel rackets for advanced players

Padel rackets come in literally all shapes, weights, types, and sizes. The range of padel rackets worldwide is only expanding due to the increasing popularity of padel. When manufacturing padel rackets, consideration is also given to the different "levels" at which padellers find themselves. These levels can be distinguished in three/four different categories: beginner level, intermediate or slightly advanced level, and advanced level. Of course, you could also consider professional level as a separate category, but for now we will classify them in the same category as advanced. Here we will delve deeper into the best padel rackets for advanced players. Advanced players have already spent a considerable amount of time on the padel court. Advanced players will have mastered the basic technique and probably more.

Features of padel rackets for advanced players

What is then the best padel racket for advanced players? This depends on several factors. For novice padellers, it is easier to attribute specific characteristics to a racket. Beginners generally need a padel racket that is relatively easy to handle and offers a high degree of control. This has to do with the fact that they still have to learn the technique. If they use a padel racket that requires a lot of technique right away, the chances are high that they will hit few good balls.

For advanced players, this is different, of course. Advanced players are more likely to want to give their game new impetus. They already know how to get the ball over the net, and that's why they may be looking for a racket that they can hit hard and aggressively with. Perhaps they are looking for a padel racket that allows them to hit spin shots. A higher weight can also be a characteristic of a padel racket that an advanced player is looking for. A heavier racket is more difficult to handle, but you can hit the ball much harder with it.

Generally, it is the diamond-shaped and hybrid padel rackets that have these properties. These padel rackets often have a smaller sweet spot and a balance that is higher in the racket. This does, to some extent, come at the expense of control, but it makes it possible to hit much harder. However, if you are an advanced player with technical abilities, maintaining control is not a problem.

Below is an overview and descriptions of 5 excellent padel rackets for advanced players.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 23

We start off with a high-quality padel racket, the Bullpadel Vertex 03 23, which is perhaps more suitable for professionals than for intermediate players. This racket has everything advanced players need to showcase their skills on the court. The racket head is diamond-shaped and has a high balance point. A diamond-shaped padel racket with a high balance point enables powerful shots. The racket head is made with the latest Carbon, which provides even more power to the racket. However, the inside has a softer touch, which gives you some control over your shots. The top of the racket is finished with a MetalShield protector, which significantly increases the racket's lifespan. If you're an experienced player, you'll probably spend a lot of hours on the court. In this case, the MetalShield protector is very handy because it helps your racket last longer. The racket head has a rough finish, which allows for effect shots. This racket is expensive, but it's worth it. It lasts a long time, and it has everything you need to play powerful and attacking shots.

Babolat Technical Viper

The Babolat Technical Viper is the new top racket from the Babolat 23' collection. This padel racket is reserved for advanced and professional players. The racket head is drop-shaped with a high balance point. The drop-shaped racket head gives the padel racket an all-round playing style. Due to the high balance point, the focus is on attacking play. The materials used in this padel racket are also harder than in most padel rackets. Because the materials on the inside are harder and stiffer, you can play harder attacking shots. However, the contact between the ball and racket is shorter than with soft materials, which requires good technique. If you have this technique and experience, you can hit the hardest and most attacking shots with this padel racket. It's no wonder that the Babolat Technical Viper is used by professional padel player Juan Lebrón.

Starvie Metheora Warrior 2022

As mentioned, not all paddle rackets for advanced players are diamond-shaped, teardrop-shaped, or hybrid. There are plenty of advanced and professional padel players who have a defensive playing style. For these players, the Starvie Metheora Warrior is an excellent paddle racket. The racket head is round and that means it has a larger hitting surface to hit the ball well. With this racket, you can play well from a control standpoint. The balance is in the middle of the racket, allowing you to combine controlled play with powerful shots. The racket head has a rough finish for effect shots. The racket is reinforced and hardened with two layers of carbon. This increases the durability of the racket and also allows you to hit harder. The Starvie Metheora Warrior 2022 is used by professional paddle player Matias Diaz among others.

Adidas Metalbone 3.2

The Adidas Metalbone 3.2 is a paddle racket that certainly does not look out of place in the list of best paddle rackets for advanced players. This Adidas Metalbone 3.2 meets all the characteristics that a paddle racket for advanced players must have. The racket is diamond-shaped with a high balance. If you have the necessary technique, hitting hard with this paddle racket is the norm. This racket head also has a rough finish for mean effect shots. The racket has an octagonal racket frame structure, providing extra strength and protection. In addition to a longer lifespan of the racket, this structure also ensures that you can hit even harder with it. What makes this racket extra special is the weight system. With this, you can easily adjust the weight of your paddle racket at any time. One of the world's best paddlers, Ale Galán, plays with this top paddle racket. If you watch footage of him, you'll see that he's a versatile player who mainly stands out in attack. This paddle racket is therefore highly recommended for advanced players with an attacking playing style.

Dunlop Galactica Pro

A padel racket with a hybrid shape was missing from this list of padel rackets for advanced players. Hybrid padel rackets are generally for versatile players who excel mainly in attacking. A hybrid shape is a combination of a diamond-shaped and a teardrop-shaped racket. The hitting surface is slightly larger than a diamond-shaped racket and slightly smaller than a teardrop-shaped racket. The Galactica Pro racket blade has an oversized shape, making it easier to hit the ball well. However, the balance is high in the racket, requiring a fair amount of technique and experience to handle the racket properly. The Dunlop Galactica Pro is used by professional padeler Juani Mieres, one of the best padel players in the world.

Racket advice tool

These are just a few examples of the best padel rackets for advanced players, but there are certainly more out there. As an advanced player, you have already played a lot of padel and will know better what kind of racket suits you best. We understand that with the wide range of different types of padel rackets, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Therefore, has a special online racket advice tool compiled by experts. With this tool, you only need to enter a few preferences, and you will receive a customized recommendation.