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    The Padellers Balls - Box
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    The Padellers Balls
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Buying padel balls at Padelstore

As a beginning padel player, you will probably wonder what the difference is between tennis balls and padel balls. Is there any difference at all between the two? The answer is yes, there is indeed a distinct difference between tennis balls and padel balls! The difference between the two is in size, weight, internal pressure and bounce. Padel balls are generally larger than tennis balls, are on average a little heavier, have a lower pressure which makes the game a little slower and have a slightly higher bounce. So should you have the idea of bringing your old can of tennis balls we recommend reconsidering. Just like a padel racket and a pair of padel shoes, a good set of padel balls is part of your equipment. Without them you cannot perform optimally during matches and training sessions. Buy your padel balls at!

Which padel balls fit me?

Besides the already mentioned difference in pressure between tennis and padel balls, there is also a difference in pressure between various padel balls. For beginning padel players, padel balls with a lower pressure can be a pleasant way to get acquainted with the game. Because of the low pressure, padel balls take longer to bounce on the court. This allows you more time to assess the ball and position yourself properly. 

At some point when you have played a lot and find that you could use some more challenge it is nice to switch to padel balls with higher pressure. The ball will be a bit faster which also increases the pace of the game and makes it a lot more intense. Rallies will become more exciting because the harder bounce also makes the direction of the ball less predictable.

Want to buy padel balls? View the product range of Padelstore

Looking for padel balls? We offer a wide range of the best padel balls. The Head padel pro s balls are the absolute top favorite. The Head padel pro s are the official balls of the World Padel Tour and are used by several padel associations. The Head padel pro is another favorite from Head. These balls are a bit heavier with less pressure. The biggest difference between the Head padel pro s and the Head padel pro is in the speed. Are you looking for a slower ball? Then choose the Head padel pro. Do you like fast and flashy rallies? Then the Head padel pro s is the perfect ball for you!

Maintain your padel balls

To best ensure the quality and pressure of padel balls, we have listed some tips.

Cold is not conducive to padel balls. So make sure you don't accidentally leave them outside or in other cold places. It is best to store padel balls in a place with room temperature.

Padel balls and great heat are also best kept separate. Of course it will happen that you play a game of padel on hot summer days, try to be careful to keep the balls in the shade as much as possible during the resting moments.

As a final tip, we give you; keep the balls in the tube! Don't be lazy by leaving the padel balls somewhere in your bag or lying around somewhere else. The tube protects the balls from moisture and the like. Plus, you are less likely to lose them if you store them neatly in the tube!

Shelf life of padel balls

The shelf life of padel balls varies. This depends on both the frequency with which you play and the level at which you play. If you only play a few times a week at a not too high level, the balls will last for several weeks. However, if you play almost every day, the balls will be under more stress and this will shorten their durability. In addition, playing at a high level usually means that you play longer rallies and smash the ball harder. This stress also reduces the durability of the padel balls. In competitions at the professional level, they do a maximum of 7 sets with a set of balls before bringing out new ones. You will probably automatically sense when your padel balls need replacing. Opening a new can of padel balls once in a while is just part of the game.