The 5 best padel rackets for beginners

The 5 best padel rackets for beginners

The 5 best padel rackets for beginners

Padel rackets come in all shapes, weights, types, and sizes. The range of padel rackets available worldwide is only expanding due to the increasing popularity of padel. When manufacturing padel rackets, consideration is also given to the different levels at which padel players compete. These levels can be distinguished into three different categories; beginner level, intermediate level and advanced or pro level. Here we will delve deeper into the best padel rackets for beginners. Padellers who are new to the sport usually do not yet have the best technique. Specifically for them, there are some rackets to make the game a little easier to start with.

Important features of padel rackets for beginners

But what are the characteristics of beginner rackets? For a novice padeller, a round-shaped padel racket is generally ideal to start with. A padel racket with a round shape and a large sweet spot has a larger hitting surface. That means that you can hit the ball more "cleanly" with a larger surface area. In addition, it is more convenient for beginners if the balance is low in the racket, close to the handle. This makes the padel racket easier to handle. A lower weight of the padel racket also makes the racket easier to handle. If the core of the racket blades of padel rackets is made of softer materials, this is often better for beginners. With softer materials, the contact between ball and racket lasts longer, giving a higher degree of control. A last tip that we give is for beginners to go for a not too expensive padel racket. It may be that you quickly make big strides in padel and therefore are already fairly early in need of a new padel racket. These are some important characteristics that can make a padel racket ideal for beginners.

By the way, it is not the case that padel rackets with these characteristics are only reserved for beginners. There are also plenty of players at intermediate or even experienced level who feel comfortable with this type of padel racket. These are usually players with a more defensive playing style. For these players, this type of padel racket is ideal because they can play back every ball with greater ease from all angles and positions. They prefer to let the opponent make the mistake rather than doing it themselves.

Here we will give a top 5 of what we believe are the best padel rackets for beginners.

Babolat Reveal
The Babolat Reveal has all the features of an ideal padel racket for beginners. The racket head is round-shaped and has a large sweet spot. This means it has a large hitting surface. Therefore, if you hit the ball too much on the side of your padel racket, it's not a big problem. Due to the large hitting surface, you still have a good chance of hitting the ball over the net with reasonable precision. The padel racket weighs only 340g, making it easy to handle and giving you more mobility. The Babolat Reveal has a low balance, close to your grip. Because this is close to your hand, it gives you a higher degree of control over the racket. The price is also relatively low for a padel racket. All of these features make it an ideal padel racket for beginners.

HEAD Zephyr Ul
Although the HEAD Zephyr Ul is described as a padel racket suitable for all levels, we mainly see characteristics for beginners. The racket weighs 340g, making it very light, which makes it easier to handle and gives you a faster reaction time. The padel racket has a round shape with a large sweet spot, so the ball can be hit more easily with control and precision. The soft materials that make up the racket offer a high level of comfort and prevent pain. For beginners who usually don't have the best posture and grip right away, this can be a welcome help. The Head Zephyr Ul also has a low balance in the racket for better control over the racket. In addition, the racket has a Graphene 360+ frame, which gives a better feeling when hitting. This also provides more energy return, allowing you to give more power to your shots. This feature makes this padel racket a good choice for more advanced level padel players. It gives them a high degree of control and can produce powerful shots. The price of the racket is also relatively low, making it a recommended option for beginners.

The Indian Maharadja Ipx - R2.30

Like the above-mentioned padel rackets, The Indian Maharadja Ipx - R2.30 has a round-shaped racket head with a large sweet spot and a low balance. These are all features that give (beginning) padel players a high degree of control and ease of use. The weight of the racket is between 365 and 375 grams. This makes the padel racket a bit heavier than most padel rackets for the average beginner. However, this weight is still very manageable and perfect for beginner padel players who are a bit heavier and have a lot of strength in their arms. A racket that is too light can make it extremely difficult to put any power behind your shots. The core of the padel racket consists of EVA rubber which provides extra control and comfort. The racket head of The Indian Maharadja Ipx - R2.30 has a rough finish which provides the possibility of adding spin to your shots. This possibility of effect shots is especially fun for more advanced players to give their game an extra dimension, but it will not detract from the degree of control.

RS Padel Cobra Edition

The RS Padel Cobra Edition is a padel racket specifically designed for beginners. The round-shaped racket head with the large sweet spot provides a high degree of control. The balance is centrally located, allowing you to combine control with power. The soft core in the padel racket provides a high degree of playing comfort and control. The EVA rubber absorbs a large part of the impact created by your shots and is therefore relieving for your arms. This helps prevent injuries and discomfort.

Head Evo Sanyo

Not every beginner's racket needs to have a round-shaped racket head. With a round-shaped racket head, it can be a bit more difficult to hit hard and attacking shots. It may be the case that you are a beginner in padel but still want to choose the attack. Perhaps you already have some experience with other racket sports such as tennis and squash. The Head Evo Sanyo is a good example of a padel racket for beginners that does not have a round blade shape. This padel racket has a drop-shaped head, which is a mix between a diamond-shaped and a round-shaped racket head. This provides the racket with a perfect balance between control and power. The lower the balance, the easier it is to hit controlled shots, and the higher the balance, the harder you can hit. The balance of the Head Evo Sanyo is centrally located, allowing you to combine control and power beautifully. With a weight of 326g, the padel racket is super light and therefore very easy to handle. You have a faster reaction time and are more agile on the court. This is a nice example of a beginner's racket that offers a little more than most (round-shaped) beginner's rackets. Moreover, this racket is relatively low-priced, making it an extra suitable padel racket for beginners.

Racket advice tool

These are a few examples of the best padel rackets for beginners, but of course, there are more. The best padel racket for you as a beginner player depends on multiple factors, such as how often you plan to play. Perhaps you already have some experience with other racket sports and have a talent for ball sports. Additionally, your own body weight and strength in your arms are factors to consider. At Padelstore, we have a special racket advice tool where our experts are ready to help you purchase the perfect padel racket for you!