The perfect grip size for a padel racket

The perfect grip size for a padel racket

The padel grip, an essential yet often underestimated part of your padel racket. When choosing a padel racket, you often don't have many options for the grip size as most manufacturers provide a standard grip that is (much) too narrow. They do this so that almost everyone can play with their padel racket regardless of hand size. While it's possible to make a grip wider with an overgrip, it's not possible to make it narrower. This poses a problem because many people take their padel racket out of the packaging and start playing without checking if the grip is the right size.

The padel grip is a crucial component of a padel racket as it forms the only connection between the racket and the player. It's the handle that you hold during play, and both comfort and performance can be significantly influenced by choosing the right grip size.

What is meant by the padel grip?

It's important to distinguish between how you hold the padel racket, often referred to as the grip, and the actual part you grip. In this article, we refer to the latter, which is the handle of the racket.

What is the right size for your hand?

Everyone has a different hand size, which means that ideally, everyone should play with a different grip size. So, what is a good padel grip size? A handy rule of thumb is to see if there is just enough space between the tips of your fingers and the bottom of your thumb to fit a index finger in between. This ensures a comfortable and firm grip, without having to hold the racket too tightly.

Consequences of an incorrect padel grip size

Having a grip that is too narrow will require you to exert more "squeeze" to hold and control the racket properly. This can lead to faster fatigue in the hand and wrist, as well as an increased risk of wrist and elbow injuries. A too-narrow grip, along with improper technique, is the major cause of what is known as 'padel elbow' (tennis elbow). If you experience this problem, it may be worth considering a wider grip.

Increasing padel grip size with an overgrip

Fortunately, it's relatively easy to increase the grip size with the help of an overgrip. Each padel racket comes with a base grip, and it's advisable to keep this, especially with a new padel racket. The overgrip is then applied over it to increase the grip circumference and add extra cushioning.

Types of overgrips for padel

There are two main types of overgrips available: sticky overgrips and absorbent overgrips. Sticky overgrips create a sense of the padel racket adhering to your hand, while absorbent overgrips are better at wicking away moisture. Absorbent overgrips are recommended if you tend to have sweaty hands, as they prevent the padel racket from slipping due to sweat. The choice between these two types is personal, and it's advisable to try out both to see which suits your playing style and preferences best.

Buying a padel grip

In this blog, we have learned that choosing the right grip size is crucial for optimal padel play and injury prevention. A grip that is too narrow can lead to discomfort and wrist and elbow injuries, while a well-fitting grip provides comfort and control. Fortunately, with the help of overgrips, we can adjust the grip size to suit our needs. Choose from sticky or absorbent overgrips to find the perfect grip that suits you. Experiment and test to determine the ideal grip size and enjoy a fantastic padel experience!

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