Discover 'The Padellers' New Collection at Padelstore

Discover 'The Padellers' New Collection at Padelstore
Introducing the exclusive clothing line of The Padellers, now available at Padelstore. Explore our latest addition to our extensive range of top brands such as Adidas, Babolat, and more. Keep reading and get inspired!
At Padelstore, we believe in offering the best padel items, and that's why we are excited to announce the new collection from The Padellers. This high-quality clothing line combines style, comfort, and quality, perfect for your padel adventure.

Performance Line: Optimal Game Comfort

Discover The Padellers' performance line, specially designed to provide you with maximum freedom of movement and comfort on the padel court. From shorts and skirts to t-shirts and polo shirts, each garment is made with high-quality materials and innovative features such as quick-drying fabrics and breathable properties. Additionally, many of the garments are made from sustainable and recycled materials, reflecting The Padellers' commitment to climate-conscious thinking in our collective fight for a better environment. The Performance line is specifically designed to elevate your game with comfort and style. Are you competing with your padel partner(s)? Give yourself and your team a professional look by scoring matching outfits. With The Padellers Performance line, you'll stand stylish and confident on the padel court.

Lifestyle Line: Stylish On and Off the Court

In addition to the performance line, The Padellers also offers a lifestyle line. These trendy hoodies, socks, t-shirts, and pants in various colors are perfect for a casual look on and off the padel court. The clothing items are not only comfortable but also stylish and suitable for informal occasions. Furthermore, the different clothing items come in matching colors. For example, you can order a blue hoodie with a comfortable pair of pants in the same color. Combine these pants and hoodie, and you'll have a complete and comfortable tracksuit. You can wear it before and after padel sessions, at home on the couch, or in any other suitable setting. With The Padellers lifestyle line, you'll always be fashionably dressed wherever you go.

Where to Shop?

Visit and discover the complete collection of The Padellers. Whether you're a fan of Adidas, Babolat, or Van Persie, add The Padellers' exclusive clothing line to your favorites. Easily order online and enjoy high-quality products with the perfect blend of style and functionality. With Padelstore and The Padellers, you're ready to shine on the court! Be a trendsetter in the padel world with our new collection. Visit Padelstore and explore a world of style and quality. Order today and experience the difference of The Padellers at Padelstore.

About The Padellers

The Padellers is a concept that emerged in 2021 in response to the rising demand for padel. With currently over 75 courts spread across the Netherlands, The Padellers is one of the major players in the market. The Padellers aims to become a market leader in Western Europe. It's not just a brand; it's the most fun and welcoming padel club in the Netherlands, with twelve locations throughout the country. From Amsterdam-West to Uitgeest and from Roermond to Groningen, The Padellers provides both indoor and outdoor courts across the Netherlands.

As a close-knit community, The Padellers warmly welcomes everyone. Whether you're here for corporate or team outings, tournaments, competitions, lessons, or simply to enjoy free padel sessions with friends by booking a court, The Padellers is the place to be.