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The Adidas RX200 Light is a perfect padel racket for the average player with an all-round playing style who values control. The round shape with an evenly distributed balance and the relatively large sweet spot all contribute to this control. In addition, the lightweight design reduces resistance, allowing you to move quickly and turn on the court. The structural power technology in the heart of the racket contains carbon fiber reinforcement, which adds stiffness. It is a very comfortable racket due to the Eva soft performance rubber and fiberglass surface. With this racket, you can hit every ball with exceptional aggressiveness. The Adidas RX200 Light is a very compact yet versatile racket.

- Product number: 1121026-1003-OS
- Size: One Size
- Brand: Adidas
- Model name: Rx 200 Light
- Gender: Men & Women
- Color: Yellow/Red
- Product category: Rackets

- Weight: 345-360 g
- Material frame: Fiberglass Braided + Caron Reinforcement
- Material core: Eva Soft Performance
- Material surface: Fiberglass Braided
- Type: Power,Comfort
- Shape: Round
- Balance: Mid
- Level: Beginner
- Racket cover included: YES

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