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Discover the versatile HEAD Evo Speed 2023, the perfect entry-level model of the Speed series, designed for beginners and recreational padel players. With its oversized tear-shaped blade, this padel racket delivers excellent all-around performance with a perfect balance between power and control.

The frame of the Evo Speed is made entirely of carbon, providing durability and stability during gameplay. The blade is reinforced with layers of fiberglass, giving you enhanced control over your shots. The soft polyethylene Soft-Foam core not only offers control but also absorbs vibrations exceptionally well, reducing the risk of injuries.

As the successor to the successful HEAD Sanyo from 2023, the new HEAD Evo Speed is the ideal beginner's padel racket. The tear-shaped blade is perfect for novice players who seek a racket with an excellent balance of control and power.

With a trendy and sleek design, this padel racket weighs only 360 grams, ensuring exceptional performance both in attacking and defending situations. The racket provides the right balance of power and control, allowing you to elevate your game to the next level.

The soft foam core delivers a comfortable touch and excellent vibration absorption with every shot. The 360-gram weight makes the racket easy to handle and maneuver, enabling precise shot execution.

In summary, the HEAD Evo Speed 2023 is a versatile padel racket suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Experience the perfect combination of power, control, and comfort on the padel court with this high-quality racket from HEAD. Unlock your full potential and dominate the court with the HEAD Evo Speed 2023.

- Product number: 1121120-9005-OS
- Size: One Size
- Brand: Head
- Model name: Evo Speed
- Gender: Men & Women
- Color: Black/Grey
- Product category: Rackets

- Weight: 365 g
- Material frame:
- Material core: Soft Foam
- Material surface: Fiberglass
- Type: Beginner
- Shape: Teardrop
- Balance:
- Level:
- Racket cover included: NO

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