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Head Padel Pro balls are probably the most well-known balls in the sport of padel. This padel ball is slightly heavier with lower pressure than the Head Padel Pro S. The Head Padel Pro is more suitable for warmer and drier areas. On hot and dry summer days and indoor courts, these padel balls are recommended. If you are a beginner padel player, the game can sometimes be a bit fast-paced at the beginning. The Head Padel Pro balls move slightly slower on outdoor courts in humid countries like the Netherlands compared to the Head Padel Pro S, which can give you that extra reaction time to get into the game. A tip is to try both balls first and then make your choice on which balls you prefer to play with. The Head Padel Pro Box consists of 24 cans with 3 balls per can, enough to last for a while!

- Product number: 4121018-1016-OS
- Size: One Size
- Brand: Head
- Model name: Padel Pro Box
- Gender: Men & Women
- Color: Orange
- Product category: Balls

- Category Type:
- Material:
- Dimensions:
- Style: Performance

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