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Introducing the new Head Speed Motion 2023, a beautifully designed drop-shaped padel racket that is perfect for the control-oriented player within Head's Speed line. This versatile racket offers an unparalleled blend of attacking and defensive capabilities, providing an unprecedented sense of precision and touch during gameplay.

Whether you're an average player seeking more control and precision or an advanced player looking to enhance your skills, the Head Speed Motion 2023 Padel racket is the ideal choice. With a perfect balance between power and control, this racket instills the confidence and assurance you need to elevate your game to the next level.

The racket's drop-shaped design ensures optimal control and power. The sweet spot and balance are perfectly positioned, resulting in a well-balanced mix of power and control. Additionally, the racket is highly maneuverable, granting you complete command over every shot you make.

Thanks to the innovative Auxetic technology and the hybrid surface composed of woven carbon and fiberglass, the Head Speed Motion 2023 delivers extra power and a sensational impact feel. Being the lightest racket in the Speed series, it enables swift and varied gameplay, allowing advanced players to gain that crucial fraction of a second advantage.

Furthermore, the Head Speed Motion 2023 Padel racket features a new Soft Butt Cap that enhances the feel and touch. Its fresh, modern, and distinctive design, complemented by the added copper accent, makes this racket not only functional but also visually appealing.

In summary, the Head Speed Motion 2023 is the ultimate padel racket for versatile players who seek the perfect blend of power and control.

- Product number: 1121115-9005-OS
- Size: One Size
- Brand: Head
- Model name: Speed Motion
- Gender: Men & Women
- Color: Black/Bronze
- Product category: Rackets

- Weight: 360 g
- Material frame:
- Material core: Power Foam
- Material surface: Hybrid Woven
- Type: Pro
- Shape: Teardrop
- Balance:
- Level:
- Racket cover included: NO

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